Requirements – Eligibility

An entering talmid must have basic learning capabilities. The abilities to make a ‘leining’ and follow a Beis Medrash level shiur are important. A commitment to keep all three sedorim is required. The Yeshiva expects each talmid to maintain proper midos and hanhagos.

For more information on the Beis Medrash program, requirements, availability, or application, please contact Rabbi Zachai or Rabbi Rauch. They can be reached at (414) 963-9317.



Some of what the WITS Beis Medrash program has to offer:

Setting: A spacious campus located on six wooded acres on the shore of Lake Michigan, in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Milwaukee, being a small city, is advantageous to the talmid, as the lack of hustle and bustle allows for less distraction. The recently built Beis Medrash (study and prayer room) offers an expansive setting, with a comfortable atmosphere and beauty that beckons to you. The Beis Medrash, dining facilities, and main dormitory are all housed in one building. All

Rebbeim live within a five-block radius.

Shiurim: The shiurim given in the Yeshiva offer an in-depth approach to each sugya, through a careful analysis of the Rishonim and Acharonim. The shiurim are conducted with an emphasis on student participation, in order to stimulate the talmid’s growth in learning. A special emphasis is placed on bekius (Gemora, Rashi, and Tosfos). The talmidim are required to maintain a substantial pace, through both afternoon and night sedorim (at a minimum of approximately 60 blatt of Gemara a year). A sho’el u’maishiv is available to answer questions on bekius during these sedorim.

Caring and Dedicated Rebbeim: The relationship between rebbe and talmid transcends subject matter and goes to the heart of the real goal of the yeshiva: to mold Bnei Torah. The role of the Yeshiva rebbe is to provide a partnership of trust and concern between himself and the talmid. This partnership allows each talmid to access the rebbeim to obtain guidance in any and all areas to facilitate the complete development of a Ben Torah, including his goals and aspirations.

Mussar: A significant emphasis is placed on the refinement of character, and the constant need to improve one’s self. This emphasis is clearly evident throughout the curriculum, but manifests itself particularly in the form of daily study sessions, as well as mussar lectures three times a week.



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